teenThe hormonal changes, peer pressure, social acceptance, conflicting thoughts, puppy loves cause ruckus in the minds of young teens. This is an age when teens feel the need to achieve fabulous bodies like their role models. Girls want to get really thin and guys want to bulk up and have macho bodies. This is one of the compelling reasons that they decide to go on a diet.

Dieting at teenage is extremely harmful to both your physical and mental health. Unless you are overweight or obese, it is not advisable to go on a diet. Along with it if you use an effective workout machine like treadclimber you can burn fat and stay fit. It is also necessary that you follow up with your doctor and then decide if you have to necessarily diet. 

Teens are hooked to junk and processed foods. Such food habits contribute to excessive calorie intake and lead to weight gain which compels them to get on with dieting. By following healthy eating habits, it is possible to prevent weight gain and thus you can completely avoid dieting. 

Here are the effects of unnecessary dieting 

Effect on health

It is mostly the girls in their pursuit of dream bodies that they end up following a diet. Both your mental and physical health are at risk as consequence of dieting. Your quest to lose weight can become obsessive as though losing weight through dieting is your only goal in life. Such behaviors affect you badly. Some girls are affected by eating disorders as well like bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Such factors in addition to loss of health can also create havoc with you menstrual cycle and impair your fertility as you grow older. 

Lack of adequate nutrition

The teenage is a growth phase where you need to provide your body with balanced nutrition. When you go on a diet, you cut down on your calories and in the process your nutrition takes a beating. Your immune system is weakened as a result of inadequate nutrition and you are bound to get sick often and suffer from mineral and vitamin deficiencies. 

Harmful effects of crash dieting

Teens like to see quick results. So, they tend to follow crash diets. This is more dangerous than following a regular diet plan. Crash dieting has numerous side effects and the yo-yo dieting is a strict no for teens. The extremely low calorie intake affects your growth. Your thin looks are only external; your internal health takes a beating.  

Decreased bone health

Lack of calcium intake by excluding dairy and other calcium providing foods places the girls at a higher risk of osteoporosis when they grow older. Shortfall of calcium leads to insufficient absorption of Vitamin D which prevents you from having strong bones and teeth.  

For all the young girls and guys out there, enjoy your teenage, because you are not going to get back all the fun that you can do now. Forget about dieting. Inculcate healthy habits which will give you company for life. Set the tone to enjoy healthy adulthood.